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B Sides by Kevin Dellinger

by Kevin Dellinger



released September 1, 2009

Music written and composed by Kevin Dellinger. Copyright owned by Kevin Dellinger. All Rights Reserved. 2009.



all rights reserved


Kevin Dellinger Hickory, North Carolina

In the early days of his music career (1990s), his music was more alternative sounding like the bands - R.E.M., the Cure, and Depeche Mode. However, through the years of increased technology in computers, recording has become somewhat revolutionary. Because of this transition, his music has now derived into a very original style of electronica and synthpop. ... more

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Track Name: Awaken Divine
Awaken Divine
by Kevin Dellinger

The presence I feel inside
Is a universe of its own
Although the spirit flows
Energy from inside it grows
Desperately reaching out to you
Isolated from your Fear
This spark of life is from the source
The architects of Light made me
I hide because there is no time
Your frequency does not resonate with mine
If you understand these words
Then maybe you have found your destiny
Let the Divine Carry you through
Awaken Child
Awaken Divine
Track Name: What You Will Become
What You Will Become
Written by Kevin Dellinger

Indivisible by choice prolonging sensibility into the womb of Creation
Divided decided into the hearts of all Humanity
Within division illusion decision precision choices beyond meaning
Into something way beyond your understanding
What becomes is what is felt
In these energies are not explained yet isolated within yourself
To the choices that you make determines who you become
Without notice you have forgotten what has been decided before you were created
To propose what will become, it is up to you
And is decided where you will go into beyond the belief of who you are
Will become something else within the next creation
Everything you know has already been decided
And what you will become has already been chosen
Whenever you suffice to the challenges before you, you will know that there is a crossroads
Of each decision and these choices will determine your path and your outcome
Although you think it is others that decide the choices for you
It is your reaction that determines what decisions and choices that you will make
To determine the best possible outcome for your spiritual development
In the moment you feel alone yet you are already created knowing that you are everything
Woven into the fabric of time you are here you are everywhere you are not alone
It is okay to decide where you are going and where you will be
Don’t Hesitate the reaction only decide what will become
You are okay to decide where you need to be
You will be what you are
When in the engineered state, the Dna is only the choices
It is not the conclusion
When reacting to the devices, you will know when the proper time has come
You will also believe what you have become
You have ascended
It is okay for you to believe that there is no reality because this reality is only a step
A step into the unknown is a rediscovery of what has already been discovered
It is your choices that determine the path
When the wind blows beyond what you understand, it only increases the potential
That potential is the nature of your reality
Your reality is only a temporary solution because the solution is a journey
This journey is your path and this path is the Golden Light
And the Golden Light is what will transcend you into another reality
In the proposal of what you are
You are the reality of this reality
Yet this reality is only temporary
There is no conclusion only a redirection
And this redirection is only an expression
And this expression adds to the totality of the consciousness of the Universe
Universal means of what you are has already been decided
And you are only an expression of this division
And this division is only available through illusion
And the illusion is that you are living a 3d reality
And this 3d reality is only another lesson
And this lesson is only what you will become